I’m so excited to share Stephanie's branding session with you today! When Stephanie reached out about doing some headshots for her website, I jumped at the chance! Stephanie's background in special education hit a chord with me, as I also have a special needs child who spent many years in the special education classroom.  


One of the coolest parts about my job as a photographer is that I get to meet some awesome people from the community. One of those people is Stephanie Marrero, the owner and creator of Algebra Made Simple. She creates digital and printable resources to help secondary math teachers save time and reach their most struggling learners. I had the privilege of photographing Stephanie a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed hearing her story and getting to know her better.

Stephanie was a special education teacher in New York for over 10 years before making the move to Central Florida. It was during the pandemic of 2020 that Stephanie discovered, through her relationships with other online teacher friends, that she could create content that would be helpful to other educators and sell it as another source of income to help provide for her family. At the same time, she started noticing a regression in her son's development, and this solidified her decision to step away from the classroom to allow more time at home with her growing family, and the needs of her son. She took a leap of faith and began working on creating resources to help other math teachers who work with struggling learners. As of the date of those blog post, she currently. has over 2,000 followers on the TpT website, and over 7,000 followers on IG. I'd say that leap of faith was exactly the right choice!

One of Stephanie's goals within her business is to provide content that is intentionally geared towards Secondary Math Teachers that are looking for ways to support the different needs in their classrooms, from students diagnosed with learning disabilities, to gifted students and even students who are multiple grade levels behind. Stephanie states "I help Secondary Math Teachers feel confident and prepared to reach all of their learners by implementing effective differentiation strategies. As a former Special Education teacher myself, I understand the challenges of trying to meet the needs of all the students in a classroom in a single lesson. That's why I'm passionate about helping teachers to differentiate instruction and provide support for all learners."

With over 10 years in the special education classroom, Stephanie believes that differentiation doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. She states "you just need access to the right routines and structures to make it happen." This March, 2023 she is launching "Differentiation Made Simple: Test Prep Edition". It is a self paced mini course that will help teachers confidently create an effective test prep plan that also incorporates differentiation strategies to meet the needs of all of their students. This mini course will allow teachers access to "done-for-you" templates and video lessons to guide them through the process. She currently has a shop on the Teachers Pay Teachers website, where you can purchase and download her resources. You can access these resources HERE

If you are a secondary math teacher with struggling learners, or even a homeschool parent with a struggling learner, you definitely want to check out Stephanie's resources. Be sure and head to her website and sign up for her email list, so that you will be one of the first to know when her mini course launches. You can follow Stephanie on her IG account HERE. If you would like to talk more with her about her products or ask any specific questions, you can contact her via her email at

Take a look at some of the images from Stephanie's session. Downtown Winter Haven was the perfect backdrop for our session. I just love how her brand colors pop off the screen!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you are a small business owner and in need of head shots or a branding session, head to my contact form and let's get you scheduled!